Why Vallecitos

Coming to Vallecitos feeds the part of us that knows... A more beautiful and supportive setting to cultivate freedom of...

Unique Mountain Retreat

Coming to Vallecitos feeds the part of us that knows…

A more beautiful and supportive setting to cultivate freedom of the heart and mind is hard to imagine. Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center is nestled in the Tusas Mountains, where wildlife abounds among alpine meadows, mountain ponds, ponderosa pines and aspen groves. The 135-acre private mountain retreat center, surrounded by 300,000 acres of National Forest, is a dedicated wildlife refuge frequented by elk, deer, bear, beaver, wild horses, eagles, 60 species of birds and many other creatures. The Vallecitos River, protected under federal law, runs through the mountain retreat center. Trails wind in and around the retreat center offering extraordinary opportunities to reconnect with nature.

Far from distractions. Close to nature.

Being in nature at a high alpine mountain retreat has a way of reminding you of your place in the whole of things. The deep quiet of Vallecitos invites you to bring your attention inward and to gather the heart and mind in the present moment. The sounds of wind through the pines, the hum of the rushing river and the chirping of birds replace those of automobiles, electronics and sirens. The beauty of crisp mountain air and brilliant blue skies help us remember the inherent beauty within ourselves and all of life.

Simple. Comfortable. Intimate.

A maximum of 40 guests occupy the mountain retreat center’s charming casitas, yurts, tent cabins and campsites. Most activities are hosted at our historic log cabin lodge, built in 1928 in the style of Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Inn. The lodge’s cathedral ceilings and stone fireplaces dot the meditation hall, library and dining rooms that overlook a spectacular meadow and the Vallecitos River.

Life-changing programs.

Meditation, council practice and reconnecting with the natural beauty that surrounds this mountain retreat center creates a truly special opportunity for Vallecitos visitors. Our guests learn to listen more deeply and to speak from the heart. When our visitors return to their everyday lives, the power of practice in the wild gives rise to a more centered, mindful and patient presence.

“Since the retreat, my pace of personal breakthroughs has quickened and old dynamics seem to be changing in positive ways. I am better able to deal with previously tense situations and successfully resolve them. I have increased feelings of peace. Thank you!”
– Jayne Cronlund