Each casita has a large window looking out to the woods, a bed, table and chair, as well as hooks to hang personal items.   All casitas have a heat source: either a small propane heater or a wood stove.  There are two to three casitas per casita structure, with shared walls in between. Casitas are single occupancy.

Sliding Scale $110-$140 per night.


There are four yurts available.  Yurts are round, with a skylight in the middle of the structure and canvas walls.  Each yurt has a bed, table and chair, as well as hooks to hang personal items.  All yurts have a heat source: either a small propane stove or a wood stove.  The yurts are stand-alone structures. Yurts are single occupancy.

Sliding Scale $110-$140 per night.

tent-cabin-inside-200tent-outside-200Tent Cabins

The tent cabins at Vallecitos offer a simple, yet comfortable, low-cost accommodation.  The tent cabins are on wooden platforms with canvas walls. Each has a bed, a small table and chair.  There are no windows in the tent cabins, however, the opening can be spread wide to invite in sunlight.  Some of the tent cabins have a propane heater.  Unheated tent cabins are only available when the weather permits.  Tent cabins are stand-alone structures. Tent cabins are single occupancy.

Sliding Scale $90-$120 per night.


New! Special Hermitage Option: This is a new option in 2018 to provide a unique opportunity to fully participate in a Vallecitos retreat while staying in the hermitage.  By choosing this option and paying at a higher rate you are supporting Vallecitos to continue to care for the land and make retreat practice more accessible for all.

The Hermitage cabin is a premier accommodation providing a private and spacious wilderness experience.  The Hermitage is available for self-retreat guests and as a retreat participant accommodation for select retreats only.  A secluded cabin with its own outhouse and south facing deck for beautiful sun exposure and views, the cabin features a queen size bed, night stand, desk, chair, plus a counter and hot plate for heating water (no cooking allowed).  The hermitage is a stand-alone structure heated by propane. The hermitage is single occupancy for retreat participants and double occupancy for self-retreat guests.

Hermitage Retreat Participants $195 per night.
Hermitage Self-Retreat Guests $125 per night.

Tent Camping or Campers

There are only a few retreats when guests may bring their own tent.  Please see your specific retreat of interest to determine if tent camping is an option.  If tent camping is NOT listed as an accommodation option, it is not available for that retreat.

Sliding Scale $85-$115 per night.

Accommodation Logistics  

Bedding: Bedding is not provided in retreat housing. Guests bring their own warm bedding/sleeping bag or may rent the Ultimate Comfort Pack which includes sleeping bag, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case, towel and wash cloth.

Bathrooms: There are outhouses located throughout the Vallecitos property and there is also a bathhouse with flush toilets and showers close to the lodge.  Accommodations do not have water.  Please see the map below, which shows the locations of outhouses and the bathhouse.

Electricity: Vallecitos is “off the grid” and uses only solar power.  Each accommodation has a small solar powered or battery operated lamp.  There are no electrical outlets for personal appliances or electronic devices in the accommodations.  While we encourage guests to use as little power as necessary and to leave electronic devices at home, the bathhouse does have one electrical outlet that can be used on a very limited basis. It is a good idea to bring an adequate flashlight and other battery powered lighting for your accommodation (a reading light, for example).

Accommodation and Facility Map