Discover a Deeper Way of Living Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center offers a retreat for almost everyone. Our schedule carries a...

Discover a Deeper Way of Living

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center offers a retreat for almost everyone. Our schedule carries a generous offering of Insight Meditation Retreats, retreats that invite participants to consciously explore their experience of wild nature, and retreats that are designed for specific populations.  On our schedule you will find retreats for educators, people of color, women, men, and mental health professionals, to name a few.  We are here to help you find a retreat that is right for you.

“I am so much more aware of the path I want to be on and the power of the sacred in my life.”
– Cristina Mormorunni


Upcoming Offerings 

Sacred Sound, Insight, and Silence: Meditation and Music in the Deep Woods

With Jennifer Berezan and Erin Treat

August 15 - 19, 2022
The retreat will combine two ancient spiritual practices--meditation and music--as a path to opening one’s heart and uncovering one’s true nature. There will be guided instruction in the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation and dharma practice, including periods of sitting and walking meditation in silence[…]

Coming Home to Ourselves Finding Refuge in Nature: Vallecitos’ First LGBTQI Retreat

With Victoria Cary, Shelly Graf and René Rivera

August 20 - 27, 2022
During this 7-night silent retreat we will collectively create a supportive container for LQBTQI identified folks to explore the dhamma, practice meditation, and discover what finding refuge and coming home means for us. This retreat will be mostly outdoors, silent, and on the beautiful land of Vallecitos[…]

Retreat as Ceremony: Mindfulness and Indigenous Presence for Wellness and Healing, A Retreat for Indigenous Peoples

With Bonnie Duran (mixed race Opelousas/Coushatta), Elvina Charley (Diné) and Syra Smith (Choctaw-Chickasaw)

August 28 - September 3, 2022
This retreat is open to Indigenous people from around the world. This residential retreat will provide a conceptual framework and practice guidelines for Mindful “Indigenous Presence” meditation—a way of coming into harmony with the present moment and our world—and provides space for acceptance, and the cultivation of clarity, confidence, resilience and strength[…]

Waking up to Wisdom through the Foundations of Mindfulness

With Dave Smith and Cheryl Slean

September 4 - 11, 2022
During this 7-day Insight meditation retreat, we will learn to develop a greater sense of presence and ease through the revolutionary practices of the Dharma. Focusing on the practices of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and Metta (Lovingkindness), we’ll discover emotional balance and begin to free ourselves into the heart of wisdom and compassion[…]

Being Blessed by the Land of Vallecitos: Fall

September 12 - 18, 2022
We invite you to be our guest at Vallecitos this spring. Please join us to connect with the depth and magic of the land as you support Vallecitos. We are offering you the simple experience of being on the land, safely using our facilities, and receiving 3 nutritious meals a day where you may choose to stay in a casita, yurt, the hermitage cabin or the middle house.  Visit us and savor the quiet intimacy of being on the land with only 20 guests at a time. While you are welcome to be in silence during your stay, please know…

Awake in the Wild: Meditation in Nature Retreat (Fall)

With Mark Coleman

September 23 - 30, 2022
On this retreat we will meditate outdoors all day in the natural beauty and mystery here at Vallecitos.  Whether it is during sunset meditations, listening to the soothing sounds of the river, or sitting graced in the stillness of the aspen trees, we will open to the profound serenity and wisdom of nature[…]

The Wisdom of No Technology: Beyond our screens, the natural world and our deepest nature await.

With Don Usner and Dyanna Taylor

October 1 - 8, 2022
While trying to give the best to our work and personal lives, we often find ourselves facing unrelenting demands and the distraction of technological devices that hijack our attention.  This retreat offers a pause—breathing space—and a chance to turn away from our computers, cameras, and not-so-smart phones, to recharge our capacity to create, and return to the roots of perception and inspiration[…]

We Are Nature – Embodying the Four Elements: An online Meditation Retreat for Self-Identified Women

With Amana Brembry Johnson and Carol Cano

November 9 - 13, 2022
There is a way that nature moves within us and speaks through the body.  This silent online meditation retreat will be rooted in the four natural elements of earth, air, fire and water.  During our time together, we will cultivate an embodied awareness of how to listen to and practice with these elemental[…]