As custodians of this land, we nurture and protect biodiversity.  We value wilderness for its own sake, honoring the power of wild nature to mirror our own deepest nature.

Deep Welcome

We come together to create beloved community that offers refuges to all, including beings of all gender, sexual orientation, class, race, and ethnicity.


We practice courage, care, and compassion in our actions and speech to foster relationships based in truth and mutual respect.


We exist to serve awakening, offering practices to free the heart and mind from barriers to realize the full development of wisdom and compassion.


We practice human, economic, social, and environmental sustainability, honoring the truth of our relatedness and the wisdom of a systems approach in our decision-making.


Peace is not an absence of conflict, but the spirit with which we meet the conflict that will inevitably arise.  From the Buddhist tradition, we recognize peace as the highest happiness.