Grove T. Burnett, Co-Founder and Founding Teacher Santa Fe, NM Grosvenor (Grove) T. Burnett, J.D., is a renowned environment lawyer...


Grove T. Burnett, Co-Founder and Founding Teacher

Santa Fe, NM

Grosvenor (Grove) T. Burnett, J.D., is a renowned environment lawyer and a nationally acclaimed meditation teacher and mindfulness trainer. He has practiced meditation for over 25 years and training with some of the world’s most preeminent meditation teachers, including Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield and Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He is an authorized teacher of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center and is a certified mindfulness teacher at the UCLA Medical School Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Grove has had a distinguished career as an environmental lawyer and is co-founder of the Western Environmental Law Center, a public interest environmental law firm with offices in five Western states. He has litigated many of the most important environmental cases in the West and has been named many times to The Best Lawyers in America, which lists the top 1% of the nation’s lawyers, and has received many awards for his path breaking work in public interest environmental law.

Grove offers mindfulness trainings, workshops and consultations to a wide array of professional communities and organizations, including business, veterans, educators, health care professionals, lawyers, judges, and nonprofit organizations.



Linda Valerde, Co-Founder and Founding Director

Taos, NM

Linda is a native of Velarde, NM, a 450 year old traditional Chicano village located along the northern Rio Grande River. She grew up working on her family’s fruit farm and is deeply committed to preserving the unique culture and way of life of northern New Mexico. Linda has been very active in the environmental movement for 25 years and is an experienced community organizer. She serves on local and national nonprofit boards, including the Seva Foundation, is fluent in Spanish and has traveled and worked in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador on public interest projects. Linda works with the Council of Elders in Guatemala helping raise funds to repurchase sacred sites.

Linda has practiced mindfulness meditation in the Vipassana tradition for many years, including training with Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, George Mumford and Thich Nhat Hanh. She has studied with the Huichol Indians in Mexico, and has co-taught Curanderismo (traditional Mexican folk healing) workshops at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. In 1998, Linda received the Martin de la Cruz award from the International Congress of Traditional and Indigenous Medicine for her work in maintaining Curanderismo. Linda belongs to a traditional, pre-Colombian Aztec ceremonial dance group, Danza Azteca de Anahuac, where she is the Malinche (fire carrier and keeper).