Shuttle Service

Shuttle service from Albuquerque Sunport (Airport) or the Hotel Santa Fe in downtown Santa Fe is available for many retreats. The shuttle does not pick up or drop off at the Santa Fe airport and cannot make special request stops.

Shuttle Cost

The cost of the shuttle is $75 per person for one way or $150 per person for round trip. If shuttle service is available for your retreat, it will be listed as a transportation option in the registration form.

How to Make a Reservation for the Shuttle

If you plan to take the shuttle, you must inform us in advance by signing up via your registration form.  If you need to add or cancel shuttle service after your original registration is submitted, please contact us and we will send you a link to edit your registration. This link is also available in your original confirmation.

Shuttle Schedule and Instructions

The shuttle leaves the Albuquerque airport at 2:00 pm on the day your retreat begins and can pick up at the Hotel Santa Fe between 3:00-3:30 pm on its way to the retreat center. The shuttle arrives at the retreat center at approximately 5:30- 6:00 PM. The shuttle departs at 8:15 am on the final day of your retreat arriving at the airport by 1:00 pm with one stop in Santa Fe.

Scheduling Your Flights

If you plan to take the shuttle from the Albuquerque airport, you will need to schedule your arrival no later than 1:30 PM on the day your retreat begins.

On the day your retreat ends, the return shuttle will bring you back to the Albuquerque airport in time to catch a flight leaving at 2:00 pm or later.

Where to Meet the Shuttle

The shuttle company we use is American Limousine. At the Albuquerque Sunport, the driver for American Limousine will meet you at the bottom of the escalator going from the terminal down to baggage claim between 1:30-1:45 pm. S/he will be holding a sign that reads “Vallecitos”. Please check in with the driver.

If you have made arrangements to be picked up at the Hotel Santa Fe, please wait in the lobby as of 3:00 pm and keep your eye out for the shuttle.  The driver will know you are waiting and will come in to fetch you.

What if I miss the shuttle?

It happens.  Flights get delayed or missed.  If you miss the shuttle, renting a car and driving is your best (and likely only) option for getting to the retreat center.  Please be prepared for this eventuality and be sure to bring DRIVING DIRECTIONS printed out in case you do miss the shuttle and need to drive to the retreat center.  Please call us immediately if you learn you will miss the shuttle at (505) 469-9017. Refunds for missed shuttle cannot be guaranteed but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Who do I contact if I am delayed or have an emergency?

If you are delayed or there are changes in your plans, it is very important that you contact the retreat center at (505) 469-9017.  In an emergency, you may also contact American Limousine at (505) 877-7576.

Shuttle Cancellations

There are no refunds for shuttle cancellations received 7 business days or less prior to your retreat.

*Please note that we have a minimum number of particpants required.  There is a small chance that we may have to cancel the shuttle if we do not have enough takers.  We will help you make alternate arrangements if the shuttle is cancelled. 

Ride Share

We encourage carpooling to minimize environmental impact. Please consider offering a ride!  sign up to be on the ride share contact list on your registration form. If your plans have changed since you registered and you would like to change your ride share information, please contact us and we will send you a link to update your registration details.

We will send an email with ride-share contacts 4 weeks prior to your retreat. Please note that Vallecitos staff does not arrange ride shares.  Participants are asked to communicate amongst themselves to make arrangements.