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  • $450.00 to $900.00 – Pay-it-forward: Support another practitioner (or two!) to participate.
  • $275.00 to $449.00 – Sustaining
  • $175.00 to $274.00 – Base
  • $65.00 to $174.00 – Pay what you can

Limited scholarships available.

Date & Time Details: Starting Friday, August 6 at 5pm Mountain (7pm Eastern) through Tuesday, August 10 at 7pm Mountain (9pm Eastern).

Location: On-Line

Registration Fees: We offer a sliding scale structure. Prices for this retreat range from $65-$900 (not including Dana for the teachers).

Dana: This is a Dana based offering. The teachers rely on your support to make this offering possible. There will be an opportunity to offer Dana to the teachers at the end of the program. (Learn more)

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Recovering from the Full Catastrophe: A Virtual Retreat to Reconnect with Ourselves

With Bill Morgan, PsyD, Susan Morgan, MSN, RN, CS and Ron Siegel, PsyD

August 6 - 10, 2021

Needless to say, this has been an extremely challenging year for many of us—from which we’re just beginning to recover. Although mindfulness offers much more than stress reduction, might some peace and tranquility be nice right now?

This intensive online retreat will offer calming and settling practices to soothe and heal our nervous systems. We’ll explore the stressors of this past year, making room to acknowledge and release some of the ragged, unmetabolized emotions that may have accumulated.

While an online retreat may sound like a strange idea, it can be a surprisingly powerful format, allowing not only for deep practice, but also cultivating gratitude and appreciation for the simple gifts of home.

You’ll learn tools to restore balance to your heart and mind using varied meditative postures, breathing practices, exploratory exercises, and both stillness and movement techniques designed to investigate challenging emotions and integrate difficult experiences.

We’ll discuss how to use these practices ourselves to be more present and responsive in our personal lives and clinical work, as well as how to share them with our clients to help them work creatively with the distress of the pandemic.

Let’s gather together and support one another as a community of spiritual friends. In addition to receiving mindfulness teachings, instruction, and guided meditations, this retreat will offer ample opportunities to participate in small group discussions and explore personal practice questions.

This retreat is open to all.  Sessions will be recorded.

12 CEs will be offered for social workers and psychologists. You must attend sessions live to be eligible for the CEs. 

Proceeds from this retreat will help support Vallecitos, which will be closed again this year.

Please join us!




5-7 pm Mountain / 7-9 pm Eastern


Saturday – Tuesday

6-8 am Mountain / 8-10 am Eastern

12-2 pm Mountain / 2-4   pm Eastern

5-7 pm Mountain / 7-9   pm Eastern


Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to: 

  1. Describe the three core components of mindfulness practice.
  2. Identify the evolutionary roots and mechanisms of compassion toward self and other.
  3. Demonstrate an experiential understanding of mindfulness and compassion interventions through personal practice.
  4. Specify how a therapist can best choose which mindfulness exercises are most appropriate for different arousal states.
  5. Describe how to use mindful movement to release anxiety-related tension.
  6. Identify how mindfulness and compassion practices can enhance emotional regulation.
  7. Discuss ways to assist clients to integrate mindfulness practice in their lives, especially during uncertain times.
  8. Describe the use of mindfulness and compassion practices to support parasympathetic activation and calm sympathetic activation.
  9. Specify contraindications for various mindfulness and compassion practices.


Bill Morgan, PsyD
Bill Morgan, PsyD is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing meditation for over 35 years in both Zen and Vipassana traditions. He has participated in more than 6 years of silent retreats, and once lived in a Trappist monastery for 6 months. He has a private practice in two Boston locations. Bill is a board member of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, a non-profit organization in Boston, which offers seminars, courses, retreats and a certificate program for mental health professionals. He is a contributing author to Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, a best selling text in its second edition.
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Susan Morgan, MSN, RN, CS
Susan Morgan is a psychotherapist in private practice in Cambridge, MA. She consults with therapists who are interested in deepening therapeutic presence. Susan completed a 4-year silent mindfulness meditation retreat along with her partner, Bill in 2013. She has co-led retreats for psychotherapists with Bill for the past 15 years and together also lead small on-line study-practice groups or sanghas for psychotherapists. Lovingkindness and mindfulness of the body are integral to her mindfulness teaching. Susan is a board member of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, a non-profit organization in Boston, which offers seminars, courses, retreats and a certificate program…
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Ron Siegel, PsyD
Dr. Ronald D. Siegel is Assistant Professor of Psychology, part time, Harvard Medical School; serves on the Board of Directors and faculty, Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy; is author of The Extraordinary Gift of Being Ordinary: Finding Happiness Right Where You Are; The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems, coauthor of Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy and Back Sense; coeditor of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and Wisdom and Compassion in Psychotherapy: Deepening Mindfulness in Clinical Practice; and professor for The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being produced by The Great Courses. He is also a regular…
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