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2024 Retreat Schedule

Open Dates

We will open registration on February 1st, 2024 at 9:00 am MST.

All program details will be live mid-January.

The Wisdom of No Technology: Beyond our screens, the natural world and our deepest nature await

Don Usner and Dyanna Taylor

05/26/24 – 06/02/24

Awake in the Wild (Summer): Opening to the Wisdom and Wonder of Nature Retreat

Mark Coleman and Kirsten Rudestam

06/03/24 – 06/10/24

Dharma, Intimacy and Ecology: Finding the Path in Every Step

Brian Lesage, Molly McCormick, and Robin Craig

06/11/24 – 06/18/24

Coming Home to Nature: A BIPOC Community Dhamma Retreat

Victoria Cary, Louije Kim, René Rivera

06/19/24 – 06/26/24

Mindfulness in Education Retreat

Erin Treat and Bonnie Duran

06/27/24 – 07/02/24

Cultivating Focused Attention: An Intensive Retreat for Mental Health Professionals

Bill Morgan, Susan Morgan, and Ron Siegel

07/02/24 – 07/09/24

Land as Dharma Teacher (July)

Erin Treat and Brian Lesage

07/10/24 – 07/17/24

Natural Awareness and Wisdom: Exploring Mindfulness in Nature

Dave Smith and Cheryl Slean

07/18/24 – 07/24/24

Belonging, Connection and Nature: Coming Home Together

Erin Treat, Solwazi Johnson, and Louije Kim

07/25/24 – 07/30/24

Affectionate Awareness as a Path to Liberation

Michelle McDonald and Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey

08/01/23 – 08/15/23

Land as Dharma Teacher (August)

Erin Treat and Brian Lesage

08/16/24 – 08/23/24

Listening at Ease: Discovering Refuge in Nature

Yong Oh and Devin Berry

08/24/24 – 08/31/24

Restoring Connection: A LGBTQIA2S+ Community Dhamma Retreat in Nature

Victoria Cary, René Rivera, and Kuan Luo (Trainee)

09/01/24 – 09/07/24

Recognizing Ourselves as Part of Nature: Buddhist Liberation Practices for the Deepest Healing

JD Doyle and Shelly Graf

09/08/24 – 09/14/24

Cultivating Embodied Insight and Intuitive Wisdom

JD Doyle and Leslie Booker

09/15/24 – 09/22/24

Awake in the Wild (Fall): Opening to the Beauty, Joy, and Wisdom in Nature

Mark Coleman and bruni dávila

09/23/24 – 09/30/24

Sacred Sound, Insight, and Silence: Meditation and Music in the Deep Woods

Jennifer Berezan and Erin Treat

10/02/24 – 10/06/24

Being Blessed by the Land of Vallecitos: Gently Held Self-Retreat

Anne Cushman and Carole Melkonian

10/06/24 – 10/13/24