Visiting Teachers

Devin Berry

Devin began meditating in 1999 and has undertaken many long-term retreats, practicing primarily within early Buddhist and Theravada lineages.  He teaches at the East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, where he co-founded the teen sangha and the men of color sangha, and he is a core leader of the SF POC Insight Meditation sangha.  He is currently a participant in the 2017-2021 IMS Teacher Training Program. Devin can be described as an engaging, humorous storyteller who uses poignant anecdotes to convey powerful truths and a breadth of life experience.

Events with Devin Berry

The Liberation of the Heart that Leads to Wise Action: A Meditation Retreat for People Who Identify as Men
May 19, 2019

The Buddha taught a path of freedom.  This freedom is a heart liberated from greed, hatred, and delusion.  On this retreat, we will be exploring masculinity as a way of moving the heart towards such a liberation. This will include investigating how we perform masculinities in both skillful and unskillful ways in a space of coming together as men in healing and transformative ways. We will be looking at how to move in the world from a place of embodiment, balance, and harmony rather than a place of toxic masculinity. This exploration can allow us to bring the liberation of…