Visiting Teachers

Yong Oh

Yong Oh has studied Soto Zen and Vipassana with various teachers since 2006. He is an acupuncturist, a mindfulness/meditation teacher and a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders Program. He is currently a participant in the 2017-2021 IMS Teacher Training Program.

Events with Yong Oh

Finding Freedom in Nature: A Retreat for People of Color
May 31, 2020

The teachings of the Buddha connect us to our own true nature which is freedom. We are nature wherever we go — whether we live in the heart of a large bustling city or in a rural environment — but many people of color in this country are often the most removed from land that is not ravaged by colonization. This retreat offers us an opportunity to experience the liberating power of retreat in the beauty of pristine nature. We will spend the week together in this magnificent wilderness in periods of formal practice both indoors and on group hikes.…

At Home in Our Lives: A Meditation Retreat for People Who Identify as Men
September 1, 2020

It has never been clearer. Now is the time to find a different way of relating to being men in the world. Join us for this precious opportunity to wake up in a way that is transformative for ourselves, our communities and our world. It is indeed rare to be in a small group of men dedicated to exploring our cultural inheritance.  What can we let go of? What will we pass on? Can we remember our birthright of living with an undefended heart? The retreat will consist of silent sitting and walking practice until early afternoon, followed by meditative…