The elevation of the ranch is 8,800 feet.  Visitors may experience mild symptoms of elevation related illness, including fatigue, headache, dizziness and nausea. Usually, these mild symptoms disappear after a few days. It is critical to stay well hydrated prior to travel and during your retreat. Hydration is the key to preventing altitude related illness.

CPAP Machines

We can accommodate CPAP machines.  However, you will need to bring a “150 watt portable power inverter” (this is an adapter that can connect your machine to a cigarette-lighter type connection. They are available for $30-40 at stores like Target and Auto Zone). Please be sure your adapter works with your CPAP machine before travelling to the ranch. We must receive advance notification via your registration form if you intend to use a CPAP machine on your retreat.

Fragrance Free

Having a fragrance free center stems from our commitment to building an inclusive community. Help Vallecitos be accessible to all by planning ahead and bringing only fragrance free products for use during your stay. This includes lotions, shampoos, feminine products, deodorant, essential oils, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, to name a few. It is helpful to know to steer clear of products labeled unscented as they are often masked scent. It is best to look for products that say “free of fragrance and dies”. One often missed are natural scents such as coconut or essentials oils as these are still scents that can cause harm to others. Thank you for your consideration.

Contact information for your family and friends in case of emergency.

Participants are asked to “unplug” while on retreat at Vallecitos.  However, if there is an emergency and you need to be contacted, your family and friends may either call (505) 469-9017 or email