Visiting Teachers

Don Usner

Don Usner is a writer, photographer and New Mexico native who focuses on natural and cultural history. His books include The Natural History of Big Sur, Sabino’s Map: Life in Chimayo’s Old Plaza, and Valles Caldera: A Vision for New Mexico’s Newest National Preserve.

Events with Don Usner

The Wisdom of No Technology
October 2, 2019

While trying to give the best to our work and personal lives, we find ourselves facing a tangle of unrelenting demands compounded by the pace of technology.  This retreat offers a pause—breathing space—a chance to disconnect from our devices and pressures, to remember our unique gifts, recharge our capacity to create, and return to the roots of perception and inspiration. During early morning sits, extended day saunters and quiet explorations, we will find the path back to what truly guides our lives.  With a packed lunch, we will head out from the lodge to spend full days, unhurried, in spacious…