Visiting Teachers

Christine Lustik

Christine Lustik, PhD is owner of Mindfulness in Organizations, LLC.  After spending 14 years in leadership and higher education, Christine transitioned to a role of helping people thrive in their own lives both professionally and personally.  Christine trains individuals and organizations to practice Mindfulness with the goal of decreasing stress and chaos and increasing focus and resiliency.

Christine is based in Missoula, Montana and, whenever possible, she prefers to teach outside, allowing nature to be the conduit for connection and awareness.   Christine is trained by the Mindfulness Training Institute in San Francisco and the Awake in the Wild Mindfulness program.

Events with Christine Lustik

Awake in the Wild - A Meditation in Nature Retreat At Home
June 18, 2020

Given the Covid-19 restrictions on gathering, on this nature retreat you will receive teachings and guided nature meditation practices delivered throughout the days from Mark Coleman and Christine Lustik, via the platform Zoom. On this retreat you could be meditating in your garden, on your deck or in a safe space in nature, in the woods, by a stream, pond or ocean, (wherever you can get signal on your phone or computer, practicing of course, social distancing. We will learn that we can practice meditation in nature anywhere, even while looking out a window at skies, clouds, birds and sunlight…