Visiting Teachers

Vinny Ferraro

Vinny Ferraro is a leader in the field of Mindfulness specifically working with educators & incarcerated populations. He’s been empowered & teaches in the Buddhist insight tradition, leading a weekly Sangha in SF since 2004. His open hearted teachings have touched hella people. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t like talking about himself in the 3rd person.

Events with Vinny Ferraro

At Home in Our Lives: A Meditation Retreat for People Who Identify as Men
September 1, 2020

It has never been clearer. Now is the time to find a different way of relating to being men in the world. Join us for this precious opportunity to wake up in a way that is transformative for ourselves, our communities and our world. It is indeed rare to be in a small group of men dedicated to exploring our cultural inheritance.  What can we let go of? What will we pass on? Can we remember our birthright of living with an undefended heart? The retreat will consist of silent sitting and walking practice until early afternoon, followed by meditative…