Ranch Life and Packing List

There is solar electric lighting in the Lodge, bathhouse and in accommodations.

There are electrical outlets in the Lodge to plug in A/V equipment, laptop presentations, etc., which is permitted on certain retreats. However, we do not have outlets to plug in electrical appliances including computers, hairdryers, etc. in housing or the bath house.

The Lodge, bathhouse and accommodations (except cabin tents) are heated in cold weather.


Meals at the ranch are healthy, hearty, ovo-lacto vegetarian (incorporating eggs and dairy). Ingredients are mostly organic and locally sourced. Tea, fruit and snacks are available throughout the day in the dining room. Coffee is served at breakfast.

Special Diet Requests: Special diet requests automatically incur a $5.00 per day surcharge. No exceptions. Accommodating special diet requests means extra planning and work for staff and cooks and additional expense for special ingredients and products. All special diet requests incur this fee. The ranch is almost 2 hours from the nearest supermarket, and much effort is required to provide all of our guests with fresh, delicious home cooked meals.

If you do not inform us of special diet needs in advance, we will not be able to accommodate them during the retreat. Please let us know if you have special needs in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

What to Bring

The guide for clothing is “Be Prepared” with the emphasis on comfort not style!  Because of the high elevation of the ranch, the sun is very intense. Sunscreen is a must!

Please click here for more information about the weather during your stay at the ranch.

Packing list

Warm sleeping bag (rated down to +10 assures comfort) or warm bedding
Rain coat or poncho
Warm winter jacket, hat and gloves (spring and fall only)
Swimsuit (summer only)
Bottom sheet (full-size) and pillow case
Flashlight or headlamp and batteries
Warm clothes that can be layered
Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
Towel and wash cloth
Travel alarm clock and batteries
Cell phone charger with car adapter
Water bottle
Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes (waterproof if possible)
Feminine products

We do not permit alcohol or tobacco at our facility.

The Ultimate Comfort Package

To help you pack lightly, we offer the Ultimate Comfort Package – a warm sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, sheet and pillowcase, towel and wash cloth – for you to rent during your stay at the ranch. Supplies are limited, so if you plan to rent the Ultimate Comfort Package, please note this on your registration form so that we may reserve your items. You will have the option to pay for the Ultimate Comfort Package when you register online or if you are mailing in your registration, you may pay by check.

The cost to rent the Ultimate Comfort Package is $50. This fee is for your entire stay and includes a cleaning fee.

Rent your Ultimate Comfort Package when you register online, mail a check or click here to pay now:

Forgot something?

We have various items available that may be purchased at the Ranch Store and Gift Shop, including flashlights, batteries, sunscreen, shampoo, toothbrushes, disposable cameras, travel alarm clocks, etc. Souvenir items are also available for purchase, including caps, water bottles, T-shirts, hoodies, books and other items. The sale of these items helps support Vallecitos.


Please only bring luggage that you can carry a short distance yourself.

CPAP machines

We can accommodate CPAP machines at the ranch. Please bring an adapter that can connect your machine to a cigarette-lighter type connection. Please be sure you adapter works with your CPAP machine. You must notify us in advance if you intend to use a CPAP machine on your retreat.

Phone and Internet

At Vallecitos, we encourage you to unplug from the outside world. You will find your time in the mountains a rare and welcome respite from the demands of cell phone, email and other pressures of your life.

We have satellite phone service and satellite internet available for emergencies and limited guest use. Use of phone and internet is by appointment and solely at staff discretion/ availability to assist you, and is only permitted on some retreats. Please contact us in advance if you feel it is necessary for you to have phone or internet access during your retreat.

The cost of the satellite phone is $5.00 per minute. Satellite internet access costs $15.00 for 15 minutes (minimum 15 minutes). Vallecitos accepts cash, credit card or personal check for phone and internet at the time of use.

There is no guest wifi or cell phone service at the ranch.

Treasure this rare “time out” and opportunity to unplug from technology, reconnect with yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet the mountains have to offer!


We have meditation cushions (zafus and zabutons), meditation benches and chairs at the ranch.


Please only bring luggage that you can carry a short distance yourself.

Yogi Jobs

Also called “working meditation”, yogi jobs are an opportunity to engage in the maintenance and care of each other and the retreat space. They are a rewarding and meaningful part of your experience at Vallecitos. Yogi jobs link us to our everyday life, both at Vallecitos and when we return home.

There is a short work period each day helping in the daily tasks of running the retreat, including food preparation, washing dishes, and cleaning.  You will be able to sign up for your yogi job upon arrival.

Guests have yogi jobs on all retreats and rentals.

Health and Safety

We are a remote wilderness ranch and are prepared for minor injuries and illness only. The nearest hospital is approximately 1 ½ hours drive. It is your responsibility to notify us of any medical, physical or mental conditions and of any medications or treatments you are currently taking, which may affect your participation in the retreat.  Please note that the high elevation of the ranch may exacerbate certain medical conditions including, but not limited to, breathing problems, high blood pressure, heart conditions, and diabetes. Please consult your physician before traveling to the ranch. Vallecitos Mountain Ranch is not responsible for injury or loss arising in connection with program participation.

Emergency Contact

We have a satellite phone at the ranch for emergencies only. The cost to use the phone is $5.00 per minute. A week prior to your retreat start date, you will be provided with an emergency contact email to share with your family and friends in case they need to reach you while you are on retreat. 


The elevation of the ranch is 8,800 feet.  Visitors to the ranch may experience mild symptoms of elevation related illness, including fatigue, headache, dizziness and nausea. Usually, these mild symptoms disappear after a few days. It is critical to stay well hydrated prior to travel and during your retreat. Hydration is the key to preventing altitude related illness.

We have found that the use of chlorophyll, a gentle herbal elevation adjustment remedy taken before the retreat, can help prevent symptoms of elevation sickness. Please contact your local herb or health food store for more information about chlorophyll. We recommend the Elevation Adjustment Compound available from Taos Herb Company.

Lost and Found

If you leave an item(s) behind at the ranch when you leave, we will do our best to locate your item, transport it to our office in Taos and ship the item to you. The cost to return left item(s) to you is $25 plus the cost of shipping materials and postage.  Please contact our Taos office for more information.

At the end of each season, unclaimed items left at the ranch will be used either for ranch programs or, if the item cannot be used by Vallecitos, it will be donated to a local charity in New Mexico.