Homesteaded in 1898, the Vallecitos Mountain Ranch sits at the headwaters of the beautiful Vallecitos River high in the Tusas Mountains of northern New Mexico. Over 300,000 acres of rolling, forested mountains and wilderness of the Carson National Forest, including some of the most majestic old growth forest in the Southwest, surround the ranch, a 135-acre private in-holding situated eleven miles from paved highway.

Wildlife abounds in the lush alpine meadows, clear mountain ponds and wetlands, towering stands of Ponderosa pines, and sweeping groves of aspen of the Tusas mountains. The ranch is a dedicated wildlife refuge frequented by elk, deer, bear, beaver, wild horses, eagles and many other creatures.  The Vallecitos River, protected under federal law for its outstanding wild and scenic values, runs through the ranch.

A network of trails winds through the ranch and in the surrounding landscape, including a stunning section of the national Continental Divide Trail, offering extraordinary opportunities to explore diverse environments and reconnect with nature within a short distance of the comforts of the lodge at the ranch.

Rim Rock Canyon

Photo by James Kelley